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Roc City Volleyball Club teams and players rise to their level of competition. As such, local competition is not an indicator of overall competitiveness. We believe that competing outside of our region provides a higher and broader level of playing experience that will only enhance a team’s and a player’s personal competitiveness.

We try to participate in two tournaments per month, starting in December. Most tournaments are local / regional (within 2-3 hours) and are typically one-day in duration. We also ‘travel” to three or four out-of-state tournaments (FL,VA, PA, Chicago, etc) during the club season.

Each year, we intend to offer our teams the opportunity to attend the USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Volleyball Championships. This tournament takes place in late June / early July. In January, we will poll our parents and players to determine the level of commitment.

NOTE: Tournament schedule is subject to change.