Mike Voelkl

I started off playing volleyball for a club in Rochester. This club had its times where I enjoyed it a lot and it was a lot of fun. However switching to Victor Volleyball Club was the best decision I’ve made. From the first day I was there it felt like I was a part of something special, you could feel the connection and the good vibes. It felt much more relaxed and enjoyable than the other club. This special connection I felt turned out to be true as this club is where I made some of my best friends in life. Not only did this make my experience of club volleyball better, it also improved my game.

Being comfortable and relaxed when playing volleyball is very important. If you stress or think too much while playing, you’ll likely make mistakes because you’re so nervous and scared to make a mistake. Joining this club has led me away from this style of play and now I just play loose and with ease. Being comfortable with your team not only helps you make less mistakes but it also makes you motivated to become a better player. You wanna go out there and give your best for your team and I believe this club gave me the best chance to do that.

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