Roc City Volleyball Club

Boy’s club volleyball is highly competitive in Rochester with several clubs competing for Rochester’s talent. At Roc City we know you have choices and we strive to provide the best experience and make Roc City your choice. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and value your feedback. Last year we were the only boys volleyball club to grow season over season in the Western Empire Region (WEVA). With your help we hope to repeat that this year!

Brief History

Roc City Volleyball Club is a continuation of the Victor Volleyball Club. Last year we changed our name to reflect the fact that the club has expanded beyond the Victor NY geographic region. We have players in our club from all over Monroe county and a few from neighboring counties as well. While this will only be the second year we will be known as Roc City (or RCVC), it will actually be our twelfth season. 

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Victor Volleyball Club was founded by brothers Jake and Zac Martin. Along with the name change came the involvement of Jonathan Baird. While Zac has stepped away Jake and Jonathan continue to manage the club and work toward continual improvement. We aim to provide a fun environment while also fielding competitive teams and consistent coaching that will help improve our players skill and performance.



Roc City Volleyball club continuously works with your child to help develop them on and off the court as athletes and young men. We work to improve your child’s mechanics and develop technique that will help to elevate their game and play in a  manner that avoids injury. While the physical aspects of the game are an essential requirement we also work on the mental aspects of the game as well. Teaching tactics and exercises that will put them in the right mental state to accomplish their goals. 


Roc City Volleyball works hard to find the most qualified coaches to help develop your child’s skills. All of our coaches are former players with heavy experience in the game of volleyball. Many of them still love to compete in leagues around the country and in Rochester. Coaches are always developing new tactics and constantly learning about the game. Our coaches work diligently to keep practices competitive and a place that everyone can enjoy themselves while working on their game.

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