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Frequently Asked Questions


What does is cost to join the club?

Full Club Members:

15-18U – $1000
– 2 jerseys and 1 pair of shorts
– No monthly fees (aside from tournament related fees)
– 2 installments – 1st by Dec. 10th. 2nd by Feb. 1st

13-14U – $800
– 2 jerseys and 1 pair of shorts
– No monthly fees (aside from tournament related fees)
– 2 installments – 1st by Dec. 10th 2nd by Feb. 1st

U12 – $300
– 1 jersey and 1 pair of shorts
– No monthly fees (aside from tournament related fees)
– 2 installments – 1st by Dec. 10th 2nd by Feb. 1st

In addition to club fees you will be responsible for your share of the costs for the tournament. This includes the cost for coaches and their travel. For example, if the tournament is a one day tournament and the cost of the tournament is $300 and the cost for the coaches stipend is $100 and there are 10 kids on your sons team the cost would be $400/10 = $40 for that tournament. Another example of a 3 day tournament in another city. The cost of the tournament is $675 plus the coaches stipend for 2 days is $200 and the cost of the coaches hotel is $170 for 2 nights the total cost is $675+200+340=$1215. Divided by the 10 kids on the team and you have $121.50 for the cost of that tournament.

We are lucky that one of the 3 bid tournaments we go to each year is here in Rochester. We will travel to a bid tournament in Harrisburg PA during winter recess, that is a 2 day tournament and we will travel to Richmond Virginia for memorial day weekend for a 3 day tournament (Boys East Coast Championships).

The total cost of having your son play club volleyball is variable but all in, including travel and food and all associated costs is estimated to be about $4000. Depending on your personal preferences and lifestyle it can cost a lot more or a little less.

Are there any scholarships available for my son?

If your son attends a city school then there is funding available to help your son participate in the club experience. We are really making an effort to get more city kids involved in our club and after researching why they weren’t we discovered that the two biggest problems are a lack of an ability to pay for the costs of a travel club and unreliable transportation. We have a plan to address both of these situations and we are working with a few kids now to launch the proof of concept for this program. If your son attends a city school and you would like your son to have the opportunity to play club but you can’t quite afford it, then please contact so that we can get you into this program.

Will my son make the team?

Almost every kid makes a team. We have very few cuts. We have the ability to expand the number of teams that we have and we strive to give every kid an opportunity to get better regardless of their skill level when they join the club. Some reasons why a kid might be cut are because they’ve shown a lack of commitment to the club, by not attending open gym. Or that we have a number of kids that is not quite enough to expand to another team but is too many to carry on a single team. But even then the kid can choose to be a practice only player and still enhance their skills and get better at volleyball.

What is a practice only player?

A player who does not wish to play in tournaments can choose to come to practices and get coaching instruction to improve their game. They can come one or two days a week. The pricing for this is:

Practice only members


– $800 for both days (Sunday and Thursday)
– $400 for 1 day (either Sunday or Thursday)
– No jersey No shorts
– No monthly fees
– 2 installments of $400 or $200


– $600 for both days (Sunday and Thursday)
– $300 for 1 day (either Sunday or Thursday)
– No jersey no shorts
– No Monthly fees
– 2 installments of $300 or $150


–  $200 for both days (Sunday and Thursday)
– $100 for 1 day (either Sunday or Thursday)
– 1 installment by Dec. 10th.

When does the season start?

The first practice for the season (2018-2019) is Monday is Dec. 3rd at the Main Street Armory (MSA) from 6:30pm until 8:30pm. 

The second practice will be on Thursday Dec. 7th at Main Street Armory (MSA)  from 6:30-9:30pm.

The entire club will practice together at MSA during these times.

The first tournament is in Rochester. It’s called the Pace Holiday Hopper. We’ve seen conflicting dates, waiting on a final decision for the date.

Due to the holiday season this is the only tournament this year and practice may be limited in December. The season really gets started in January.

When are tryouts?

In an effort to get ready for the first tournament of the season we are running a series of “Open gym tryouts.” These are helping us to see who is interested in playing for our club and what their commitment level is to volleyball. It helps us start to form the core of teams and helps us get a jump on the season. We are holding these open gyms on Sundays in October and November. We hope you will come to our open gym tryouts.

Our first official tryouts will be Monday November 26th from 6:30-8:30pm at the Main Street Armory.

The second official tryout will be Thursday November 29th from 6;30-8:30pm at the Main Street Armory.

After the season has started, if your son did not make it to our open gyms or official tryouts he can still get involved by contacting He will be invited to attend our next practice where he can tryout and see where we can fit him in. Again we strive to grow the sport of Volleyball and will make every effort to get everyone involved that is committed to improving their skills. It is never too late to join our club!

When are tournaments?

Here is a tentative schedule for this years (2018-2019) season. This is subject to change. There will most likely be a tournament or two added. The bid tournaments are pretty much set in stone. The local (Rochester/Buffalo) tournaments may have some changes as the season goes on.

Pace Bootlegger Holiday Hopper Dec. 9th 2017 Rochester NY
Lockport VBC Blizzard January 6th 2019 U14 only (U12, U13, U140

Rochester Can-Am in Rochester January 19-20th 2019 Rochester NY (BID)
Niagara Frontier Eden VBC Memorial I Feb. 9th 2019 (U12, U14)

Niagara Frontier Eden Memorial II Feb. 10th 2019 (U16, U18)
Boys Atlantic Northeastern Feb. 22-24, 2019 Harrisburg PA (BID) 
Lockport Volleyball Club March Madness Mar. 24th 2019
WEVA Boy’s Regional Championships April 7, 2019 (U12-U18)
Niagara Frontier Tie Dye Bros Challenge Apr. 28 2019 Buffalo
Niagara Frontier Pre East Coasts May 19th 2019
BECC Boys East Coast Championship May 24-27th 2019 Richmond VA (BID) 

HOPEFUL Tournament – We must win a bid BJNC boys junior national championships Dallas Texas July 2-9 2019

Boys U12 tournaments

Coming Soon for 2019. 

 What is a Bid tournament?

Every year USA Volleyball puts on the biggest volleyball tournament in the country. You must be invited to participate in this tournament. You must have a national ranking and be one of the best teams in the country to attend. Your invite is a “bid” to get in. It’s an honor to earn a bid and it is quite the accomplishment.

Bid tournaments are tournaments where you compete against clubs from other parts of the country not just from our region of Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo. If you place in the top 3 of a bid tournament you have earned the privilege of going to Nationals in July.