Whenever you go to a volleyball match, take a look at their shoes. Most of the time 9 out of 10 players are wearing basketball shoes.  You may sometimes see a few players actually wearing volleyball shoes. Why is this a bad decision by the basketball shoe wearers?

The biggest reason is that volleyball shoes are designed for volleyball, basketball shoes are designed for basketball. The main difference is under the surface of the shoe.  Volleyball shoes have a gum rubber sole material opposed to the traditional rubber sole of basketball shoes. The gum rubber is designed to give excellent traction on the gym floor and prevent the shoe from sliding on the floor. More traction decreases the likelihood of ankle injuries.  Another difference according to VolleyballCorner.com is the midsole of the shoes. The midsoles of basketball shoes are designed for running back and forth while the midsoles of volleyball shoes are designed to support the ball of the foot. This is where volleyball players spend most of their time, on the balls of their feet. This stance allows for quick movements forward as well as side to side.

Volleyball shoes are lighter weight than basketball shoes which helps players make quicker movements and achieve higher jumps. “The upper section of the shoe usually is made of nylon or a mesh material.  These uppers are designed to be lightweight and allow air in so the foot can breathe to reduce moisture and keep the foot cooler.” Overall the right shoe for the right sport means volleyball shoes are a lot better than basketball shoes. They are specialized just for volleyball, no other sport. Basketball shoes are for optimal performance in basketball and volleyball shoes are for optimal performance in volleyball.

Another thing to think about is when that buying basketball shoes is not helping the sport of volleyball grow at all. Volleyball is an up and coming sport in the US and the more money it’s sponsors make the bigger the sport will get. However, if every player bought basketball shoes to play with instead of volleyball shoes, volleyball loses a lot of money. All of the shoe revenue goes to basketball spokespersons and basketball companies which only benefits basketball. While basketball is benefitting, volleyball is suffering. All this shoe money could be going  towards volleyball shoes which would help the sport of volleyball gain more capital and grow as a sport which would help you as a volleyball player.